We are relational and want to get to know all the young people we work with through listening and being present in their lives. 


Valuing yourself, others and the environment and treating others as you would want to be treated yourself. We focus on being a part of a community where we show empathy, care and love whilst inspiring self-esteem and confidence.


Our Christian faith defines us and gives us purpose, energy and love. Our faith also gives us drive to make our communities friendlier and supportive environments. 


Being welcoming and creating a space of belonging, valuing each person and showing respect to one another. We appreciate differences and keen to learn from others to help us create better communities. 


We believe we all need to be accountable, and this is what produces quality youth work. We also want to build trust and honesty and offering consistency. 


We want to empower and facilitate young people to make good life choices that leads them in a positive direction.