We’re about being there for young people

Life can be challenging and hard sometimes, we recognise sometimes young people just need someone to listen to them who isn’t family or school. This is where mentoring comes in. By working in partnership with local secondary schools we partner a mentor with a young person who will listen, help, encourage and support young people.

Our mentors are fully trained, and have a passion to see young people become the best version of themselves. Mentoring might be implemented to help the young person through a current issue, or just to be a positive role model. Providing a safe space, a mentor with no agenda but just to have time and to listen is often all that some young people need. To know someone cares and that they matter.

“I learned how to love myself and everyone is different, and no one is perfect”

“I’m more confident”

“I worry less and try to enjoy life now”

Meeting on a weekly basis for a minimum of 10 weeks allows for positive and trusting relationships to form between the mentor and mentee. The sessions happen during the school day, with the goal of being accessible to young people in an environment they know. Depending on the young person’s interests and hobbies, the activities provided vary.  Mentoring sessions have included: T-Shirt designing, Film making, Biscuit and Cake Decorating, art and crafts activities, playing sports and games.

LUX Youth Project currently provides mentoring through our Connect Mentoring Programme in 5 state secondary schools in Bath.

If you would like to find out more information about our mentoring whether you are a young person who would like to be mentored or a school, please email Rachel.

Do you have a few hours spare during the day and have a heart from working with young people. Could you be a mentor?